• Dusk To Dawn Lighting with just 6 hours of solar charging

  • Really, Really Bright: 4000 and 6000 Lumens to illuminate 1100/1300 sq ft!

  • Motion Sensor and 2 other Smart Lighting Modes 

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  • 1 Year Replacement Guarantee

  • BrightNight™ is perfect for...

Driveways & Garage

Strong lights that turn on automatically as you pass by with your car. Sounds cool right?

Backyard & Patio

Nighttime BBQ or pool time? No problem


Signal your customers your shop's value & keep it safe during closed hours

Where will you place them?

Powerful Solar Lights with motion detection, timer and always-on mode. We're sure you can think about the perfect place where you would place a Bright Night™ unit or more. 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do i have to pay for an electrician to install the lights?

Absolutely not. Since our Bright Night™ Light doesn't require any kind of wiring or special knowledge you can easily install them by yourself and save the money you would have paid an electrician.

Q: Can i install Bright Night™ on a wall?

Yes, actually that's the easiest place to install them! We include a Strong Mount Bracket which is made for walls. Just make sure it gets enough sunlight during the day. To install them on a pole you can use the same mounting bracket plus a little labor.

Q: How many Bright Night™ lights would i need? / how can i calculate the number of lights needed? 

The best rule of thumb is to install one Bright Night™ Light 20-23 ft. (6-7 m) apart. Bright Night™ lights up to 1100 sq ft (100 m2) and Bright Night™ Pro 1300 sq ft (120 m2). If you are in the lower end and not sure whether to get an extra one, based on our experience we recommend you to buy it, in case you can afford it.

Q: Does Bright Night™ stays on all night long?

Yes thanks to its high-capacity lithium battery they can stay on all night on the default mode. By default the Bright Night™ Lights will turn on automatically at dusk at 30% bright and light up to 100% once they detect motion. They will automatically turn off at dawn. The other two modes (timer and always-on), operated through the remote, allow you to set-up different bright intensities for different periods of time. 

Q: What is the best angle of installation?

For optimal lighting and solar charging the Bright Night™ Lights should be installed at a 30-60º angle from the ground. Always make sure the Lights get direct sunlight during the day.